TX is on a break while folks digest Refuelled. It will return in 2020!

Gaslands: Time Extended! is series of free downloadable expansions for Gaslands. Each issue of TX is stuffed with new scenarios and rules, plus new sponsors, perks and lots of new and awesome ways to play Gaslands.

TX4 – Wasteland Survival Handbook
[Download PDF]

TX4 provides a set of detailed campaign rules for playing a television season punctuated with wasteland skirmishes. Race for wealth and fame or join the Pro-Earth Resistance and fight for freedom!
Cover image is by Bob Van de Putte.

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TX3 – Junk N Tow
[Download PDF]

TX3 featuring rules for new vehicles, a new sponsor, Highway Patrol, a new perk class and two new scenarios, including – of course – the Truckasaurus!  Cover image by Jake Zettelmaier.

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TX2 – Stina’s Stockpile
[Download PDF]

Welcome to Stina’s Stockpile! Featuring rules for new weapons and upgrades, a new sponsor, Scarlett Annie, a new perk class and two new scenarios! This issue also features a host of Pirates & Raiders builds from the community. Cover image by Sven Siewert.

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TX1 – Savage Highways
[Download PDF]

Savage Highways is a campaign of three linked games of Gaslands, for two or more players. This issue of TX features war rigs from the community, the winners of the War Rig Painting Competition. Cover image by James Hall.

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We feature photos of vehicles from the community in every issue. To submit your photos for inclusion in the next issue of TX, follow these steps:

  1. Check the blog or the Facebook group for the theme
  2. Build and paint and awesome vehicle
  3. Take a nice photo
  4. Email it to submissions@gaslands.com
  5. Be sure to include your full name in the email

We can’t guarantee your image will be used, but you can maximise your chances by following these guidelines:

  • Use a proper camera, not a smart phone. Borrow one if you don’t have one. You probably know one person that owns a half-decent camera.
  • Ensure that all of the vehicle is in the photograph.
  • Use a plain white background, unless you have a really attractive background scene to photograph it in front of.
  • Ensure that as much of the vehicle is in focus as possible. It it better to take the photo from further away to deepen the focal area.
  • Light the vehicle from a few angles. Two desk lamps, positioned at 2 o’clock and 10 o’clock onto the front of the vehicle work nicely.
  • Send the largest and highest quality image files you can. As rule of thumb, we’re looking for images that are 3000 pixels on their shortest side and over 2MB in size. Any smaller than that can be a problem.
  • Use WeTransfer if you want to guarantee it gets to us.