Show us your WAR FLEET and get it featured in BLASTER Vol.5!

Volume 5 of BLASTER is going to have something HUGE in it. If you would like your vehicles featured in the next Gaslands expansion, read on…

Going BIG

The next Gaslands expansion makes the game BIG. It is about LOTS of vehicles tearing up the wastelanes. We want to see photographs of whole squads of wheeled death-dealers. (The one at the top of the page is by James Hall).

Build and paint a FLEET OF 5 OR MORE VEHICLES, and submit a high-resolution image to for the chance to have your photos featured in the next volume of BLASTER, and receive both a physical and digital copy of that book. Closing date: 1 July 2022.

You don’t have to buy and paint all new vehicles for this challenge. I mean, how am I gonna know!? πŸ˜€


To see your illegal build in the next Gaslands expansion:

  1. Build a fleet of 5 or more vehicles that look like there are rolling to war together
  2. Paint them up real nice
  3. Take a couple of clear, in focus, well lit photographs of them on either a white background or some battlefield terrain, and email high resolution images to

Closing date: 1 July 2022

Helpful Notes

HIGH RESOLUTION means greater than 2000 pixels on its shortest side (ideally over 3000) and uncompressed, so likely at least 4MB filesize or larger. Smartphone cameras are to be avoided, borrow a camera off that photography nerd friend of yours.

BACKGROUNDS should be either flat white (use a big bit or paper or a bed-sheet) or a nicely laid-out diorama. I can’t accept things with workbench backdrops.

COPYRIGHT: avoid anything too obviously a big entertainment brand. Unless highly disguised, GW Ork buggies and Transformers toys will likely have to get turned down.