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    Fish Chip

    Just bought Gaslands Kindle ver and I’m eager to start playing, but I’m just at the start of vacation and won’t have access to a printer for two weeks to make templates. So I’m going to try to trace the templates off my screen; however, I need a reference scale 😛 Is the width of the straight just about that of a standard Hot Wheels? If I can confirm that fact then I’m good to go, I can scale to that and trace my heart out.

    Cheers! Kids have a ton of Hot Wheels we’re going to grunge up and battle.


    Fish Chip

    Oh, that was an easy solution. Scale the PDF to match a real sheet of paper. Le derp.


    El Poulpinou

    I am still interested by this information, because want to avoid scaling error on my printer. Or may I suggest to Osprey team to add a reference square somewhere in the page to avoid this kind of error ?

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