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    Can the Truckasaurus move?
    It has a Handling value, but I didn’t see an entry for Max Gear.



    Truckasaurus Lives: Players with an active
    vehicle in play may spend 3 audience
    votes, whenever they would ordinarily be
    able to spend votes, in order to activate
    the Truckasaurus. When it activates,
    the Truckasaurus counts as being in the
    same gear as the current gear phase. This
    activation occurs before the active players
    activation (if they were about to activate a
    vehicle). The Truckasaurus may be activated multiple times in a single gear phase.

    So, I think it’s only active for the gear it’s activated in. It has no “gearing” of its own.

    What it does with that gearing…I don’t honestly know. I’m still reading and trying to parse the rules intent myself.



    The gear is important to determine what maneuvers Truckasaurus can perform. You activate it very early or late in a turn, your maneuvering options floor getting the beast closer to enemy cars than your own might be limited.

    Gaslands Overlord

    It doesn’t need a max gear, because it activates whenever players pay the votes, regardless of the gear phase.

    It counts as being in that gear for the purpose of selecting templates and for collisions.



    I see. I didn’t mentally link this novel activation mechanic to movement before.



    Note to self: Gear 6 = Truckasaurus SMASH.

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