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    James Hall

    Hey guys 😉

    So im going to start playtesting the final beta edition of the rules tonight. I’ll start nice and simple, 4 way race, and take it from there. I’ll keep you posted of any issues I find, or what problems come up. As always, plenty of pictures 😜

    James Hall

    First game report;


    So I set up a Death Race scenario, as mentioned above 🙂 I kept it simple enough for the new players, 4 cars already tooled up, with their individual special rules listed on the back of their quick reference sheets (Good idea with the quick reference guides man. Helped keep the game moving).


    Went for 2x Pick-up trucks (The reaper, loaded up with nitro, and the Ice Scream van, with a flamer.) a monster truck (Extra armour and a machine gun) and a performance car (The captain scarlet interceptor! Heavy machine gun at the front, oil slick at the back). I figured, this would give people a chance to play with the cool toys, and see what flexibility there is in the rules set for different play styles.

    Being a death race, standard 4 gates, 1>2>3>4>1 play style. Having read the Poldercon recommendations on less gates, next time I’ll stick with 3, so 1>2>3>1, for speed of play.


    Early game, the monster truck was brutal. The crush attack carried it over two vehicles at one point, as it couldn’t “stop” it’s move over either vehicle. That gave it an extra bit of distance too, further than a medium. That said, once the players got to gate 2, everything kicked off ;-D


    While the Scarlet Interceptor went for a more leisurely, drop oil slicks on the actual gates to ruin people’s plans, approach. The Ice-Scream van went for a “burn everything forever” approach. This resulted in heavy injuries, as the monster-truck caught fire (flamethrower onto a vehicle with 4 hazard tokens, ouch!) which then crashed into the side of it, T-Bone 😉


    The interceptor was the first to bite it, being sprayed with bullets after narrowly avoiding sliding off the map. The Ice Scream van got crunched after it misjudged a boulder, crashing into one, passing out at the wheel, hitting the monster truck and then exploding…

    The Reaper however had been taking damage from his fantastic (not) driving. By the end of the game, it came down to the monster truck with 5 hull remaining, and me with the Reaper and 1 hull point…I had nitros…I didn’t want to use my nitros…I wanted to drive very carefully…

    Which inevitably ended up with me hitting a rock, sliding, wham!

    Monster Truck Caddy had it 😉


    So what did everyone think of this? Well I had my work cut out for me. I had two players who dropped by on passing, and figured they’d give it a try. Both were Car Wars and Devil’s Run fans, so boards and grids and that rigid style of play. That said, we all had a fun time, and by the end everyone was proper getting into it 😉


    >Collision interrupts are spot on.
    >Whiting out interrupting manoeuvres worked nicely. So a car has slid, hit a rock (collision) and then takes enough hazards to white out, we jumped to rolling the white out checks. Kept it moving.
    >We played on an open terrain board, with no roads, but effectively I counted it all as a road so players weren’t taking hazards so early on in the game.

    Stuart Kelly

    Nice mat! What do the dashboards look like on the back? I wrote the weapon stats on mine but we didn’t end up using the more exotic weapons like oil slicks…

    I’ve found 4 gates in total to be very manageable, whether that’s back to the first gate to finish or just ending on the 4th one racing down a long table.

    Gaslands Overlord

    Thank you so much for the race report!

    Did you feel that the monster truck was too much on the strong side?

    > Early game, the monster truck was brutal. The crush attack carried it over two vehicles at one point, as it couldn’t “stop” it’s move over either vehicle. That gave it an extra bit of distance too, further than a medium.

    That’s not actually how the crush attack works now as written. 😉 It can only ignore a single target and then:

    If, by ignoring the target during the MOVEMENT STEP, this vehicle’s FINAL POSITION overlaps any obstruction, move this vehicle the minimum distance backwards along its maneuver template to avoid overlapping any obstruction.

    Which in this case might have stopped it from making the first crush attack.

    This might be a bit mean, as it means monster trucks can’t actually drive over a row of cars, but the playtesters round our way found the monster truck too powerful when playing with the “pop out the other side” rules.

    More food for thought here…. Hmmmm.

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