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    Bret Crane

    I looked at a few different suggestions for the best way to strip paint off of the die-cast cars so they can be modified and repainted. Suggestions usually called for using acetone (which I had pretty good success with) or using brake fluid (which just needed to sit too long in to be effective). Of course the acetone had pretty strong fumes. But, I stumbled across a product that works great. If you can find some stuff called Citristrip pick some up. I put a couple cars in an empty tuna can, and then filled it with the citristrip and let it sit. In only about 30 minutes the paint was starting to come off by just touching it. I then scrub it under some running water with a tooth brush and then give it a soap wash to clean of the slimy coat, and easy as that. Give it a try. Citristrip


    I havent stripped paint of any of my vehicles. Just mod, undercoat and paint.
    Full gallery here,, so you can see how they come out (album is a bit full as I put a lot of progress photos in there as well).
    What advantage does stripping give?

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