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    I’m trying to make some cards fitting classic sleeves with as much info on it (recto/verso) so that newbie can find pretty anything they like. I also liked to give the driver a bit of visibility to enhance the role play/personalisation aspect, which I find very nive in the game. It looks like it:

    scarlet skull recto
    scarlet skull verso

    Let me know if you’re interested in the project, or have commets about it (obviously the definition in the back are in french…)


    Dominic Parker

    These are awesome! I am definitely interested, I want cards that have driver name + car name ideally, but also ones that don’t want you to use die for tracking hazards (i much prefer hazard tokens).

    The portraits are a really nice idea, love that.

    What size do you anticipate printing it on? You intend to use a dry/erase marker, so laminate them maybe?



    They have the size of a regular magic card (9×6.3 centimeters) fitting most sleeves, meaning you can use the eraser on the sleeve and wipe it after use.

    I tried them last week end at a demo during a local event, maybe they still need a bit of fixing, the text is sometimes small. If you wanna work also a bit on them, I can send you the psd files via wetranfer if you want to tinker with them


    Christopher Tatro

    Great cards, but just out of curiosity, where do get the profile pictures of the drivers?




    Anywhere on the internet, you create your driver, take any picture you want. I’ll share the pdf file once its ready.



    Love this look. Would love to have this to modify with my own cars. Great work!


    Christopher Tatro

    What I mean is, what did you type in the search bar to find pictures like that? All I come up with are cartoonie pictures.



    I think I may have to borrow a little from this. I am thinking more on the lines of a zimbicide card. Gear and hazard tracking could be done with clips the same way zombicide tracks XP.


    Christopher Tatro

    I’d love to get a file I could mess with. I’ll PM you my email.



    Christopher Tatro

    Will, nvm….I guess I can’t PM on here. Anyway, my email
    Also, as I’m having a hard time finding any cool avatar pictures for my drivers, could you send the links to some cool pictures?

    Thank you, and I’ll post mine when I’m done



    @Christopher Wetransfer incoming

    for others, I just types “post-apo comics pictures / drawings” at some point I ended up on pinterest, then it was a gold mine



    These look awesome! I think you are quite ambitious if you want to fit all that info into a regular (Magic size) card sleeve and have it be legible, but if you can pull it off, that would be fantastic. You can also use 3.5″ x 5″ or 89mm x 127mm card size. These sleeves are readily available on Amazon.

    I really like the Full Dashboard available on the list builder, except it doesn’t spell out the details so I wind up adding them because it can be a lot to remember, noob or vet, so these would be a nice improvement.

    Please keep this going. I’d love to use these when they’re ready!

    UPDATE – I just clicked on the image and realized it’s TWO images. Those would definitely be good in a Magic size sleeve and then once you get to know your specific perks, etc you can hide away the second card if you want. Well done!!


    Lee Langston

    Look forward to having these for demos!!!


    Perrin Stewart

    Any chance I could get the PSD so I can create my own?
    (phunkysai at gmail dot com)


    cvillegarth .

    These are nice! Any chance I could get the PSD file sent to me so I can stop using plain white cards?



    I’ve just finished a version of the cards, but I pushed it to the next size (big sleeves) for better “readability”.

    A few things to pinpoint, and I’ll post them somewhere everybody can download it.


    cvillegarth .

    Cool! Thanks!



    Jason Froedge

    Following/ready to DL!!!



    Here is the current version for these cards: There is a recto and verso, and you’ll need to use the publisher file to edit the box text (for weapons and verso perks) because I find that the text looks better edited this way.

    You’ll need to import your own pictures, and tamper a bit with the layers, but I started making it easy with layers where you can just activate or deactivate them for faster modifications.

    In the end, you’ll be able to make cool cards like my Idris team:

    blind dog recto

    blind dog verso

    hellraiser recto

    hellraiser verso

    queen of the stone age recto

    queen of the stone age verso

    stonerider recto

    stonerider verso

    As a final word, I’ve just started to translante the rule book into French; that could take a while, but let me know if you wanna help or if you’re interested…


    Olivier Camus

    salut Darkframbroisier,
    j’ai récupéré tes .PSD.
    deux questions :
    – à quoi sert le fichier .PUB ? avec quelle application l’ouvrir ?
    – où puis-je trouver les fonts nécessaires au .PSD ? ?

    merci !

    PS :
    j’avais idée de créer des cartes au format Magic pour chaque “Weapon”, “Upgrade” et autres aspects du jeu. Pertinent ?


    Sigurður Jónsson


    This is an example of a card I made using the PSD listed. Don’t have PS nor publisher so I had to replace the text in Gimp. A bit of manual labor, but managed to crank out 8 for a demogame this weekend. This card type is awesome. Looks cool, functional and actually epic.

    PS: doing a dumbed down edition of the game, no sponsors, no perks, etc for general crowd demo’s at a con.



    @Sigurdur: thanks, glad to know it’s of any use to somebody else!

    @Olivier Camus: le fichier .PUB est un fichier publisher, c’est pour editer le texte des armes, car la casse et la mise en forme du texte y est plus “carrée” que dans photoshop même, il faut donc éditer le texte des armes ou des champs de texte au dos de la carte dans publisher, et les “glisser” dans photoshop – c’est pas obligatoire, mais je trouve le réssultat de meilleure qualité.

    les polices viennets de 1001font ou dafonts, après tu prends celles que tu préfère (moi c’est souvent “8th cargo”)

    Pour le format magic, j’avais essayé dans un premier temps, mais t’as du mal à mettre toutes les infos en 1 coup d’oeil sans avoir besoin de mettre le nez dessus; ça commence à être un peu petit. Là, ce format permet de toujours tenir en sleeve (prends des oversized) sans qu’un vieux comme moi ait besoin de se pencher dessus pour lire les chiffres :p



    Great stuff! @Sigurdur, could you share the Gimp-file? Would save me the hassle of doing what you just did!


    Sigurður Jónsson

    Gimp Templates

    Here you go its my horrid GIMP template. My suggesstion is get a white border around the 3 base stats under the name. They are nearly invisible after its been printed.

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