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    Sammy 3D

    I am working on some print and play skid dice using the labels from the downloads section. I reformatted the file to fit some Avery shipping labels 18163 at 2×4 inches per label. I printed a test sheet on just plain paper first to make sure it fit the dice as well as the labels. I scissored them out to matching square and stuck on ’em on.

    I only have one white D6 so this is my prototype. 🙂
    skid dice


    Sammy 3D

    I ordered some blank white dice from Amazon to finish up a set of 6 DIY skid dice.
    blank d6
    The blanks came in today. I got 25 for like $8. I think these will work until I can order some real ones. 🙂
    skid dice diy


    Jimmy Anderson

    I like blank D6’s… I make chance cubes as my ‘swag’ for x-wing games at tourneys.

    They are white – I paint them “bone” – then add the red and blue ‘dots’ – then clear coat them.

    cubes in background


    Rony Gabriel

    You can make them more durable giving them a coat of clear nail polish.

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