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    Kerry Morrison

    I’m really itching to build a tank for Gaslands but I can’t settle on a scale. 1/72 speaks to me but I’m to cheap to take the plunge for vehicles I may never use. Any advice would be much appreciated.


    I have Revell 1/72 Tiger, indefinitely under construction.
    1/72 scale is probably the best when it comes to size, availability and price, 1/64 scale tanks are rare and expensive.

    If you can find Maisto Fresh Metal Forces 4,5 (that’s a mouthful) tank, it should be inexpensive and close to the right size.
    It just seems that finding them in Internet is harder than I thought (Local store carries them, no idea why Amazon doesn’t).
    And don’t mix them with MFMF3, if you buy from a webstore. 4,5 for tank and apc, 3 for Humvee and Jeep.

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