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    First In Last Out

    Recently ran into a disagreement with a friend about Rusty’s and its ability to use a Nitro Booster upgrade. I said that they absolutely could, as it is a forced movement and the player isn’t actually selecting the straight movement template (similar to the Rusty’s Sourmash Jet Booster cargo), but they disagreed.
    Anyone have any thoughts on this?
    Also posted on BGG.


    The Over The Limit rule?
    It states the straights are not considered permitted. Whether a movement template is permitted or not is irrelevant to forced movement. You are not choosing the movement template.

    Good to see BGG users agree šŸ™‚


    100% You don’t choose forced movement templates, Rusty can flip a medium straight like anyone else and can absolutely use a Nitro. Put a sour mash booster on a drag racer.

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