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    Hey all, I’ve run into a conundrum. Performance cars are ‘race cars’, the profile makes me think nascar; there is just no way to express the muscle car, a sturdier high torque vehicle.

    I propose this stat line for the Muscle car.

    Muscle Car 15 pts,
    Middle weight,
    10 hull,
    3 handling,
    6 gear,
    3 slots,
    1 crew.
    Skill: floor it, the muscle car after using a turn. Then may take a free spin at the end of the move, this gives a hazard token.


    Skill; Floor it, should read – this vehicle may perform a spin maneauver when declaring a turn during the movement phase but before the vehicle is moved. If the vehicle skids, the spin still happens. The spin gives a hazard token as normal.

    Gevol Gray

    I would fix the slots to 1 because Muscle cars is a lightweight machine with a powerful engine. Overload it and it will be just a car.
    And change cost to 12 cans, if it’s stay without skill.
    I think the skill is too OP and so good for Miyazaki.

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