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    Joel Pitt

    Hi all,

    I played a very quick game of Gaslands at Salute back in April, and my first proper game last night, and its great!

    I am a co-director of Anvil Industry, a resin conversion parts company some of you may be familiar with.

    This means I have unlimited access to a top quality design and a manufacturing operation, and I intend to make some Gaslands accessory sprues in the next few weeks/months.

    So far ideas include:

    Crew models for sunroofs, turrets and windows (left and right) as well as standing rear gunners.

    Variety of weapon packs to cover every option listed in the rule book.

    Exhaust vents
    smoke stacks
    spare tyres
    armour plates of various styles
    dozer blades and rams
    bull bars
    racks of lights and speakers
    fuel tanks
    engine blocks
    spiky hubcaps, and spikes in general

    Any other suggestions/things I have missed? I figured the official forum was probably the best place to ask, and I am also in the Facebook group.

    In accordance with the Friends of Gaslands rules we will avoid working on full vehicles for the time being but would be open to discussing that with Mike in the future if the conversion parts sell well.

    Thanks all,



    As great as having weapons, armor, and engine bitz made for us by third-party miniature manufacturers is, those are actually fairly easy to kitbash from household goods, other toy cars, or even miniatures in other scales… Proper toy car scale crew figures are a heck of a lot harder to kitbash.

    Anvil Industries makes some excellent 32 mm scale wargame figures. I’m a huge fan. If you guys could bring that same level of quality to some 20 mm scale crew figures, I’d be over the moon.


    I agree!


    I don’t really have any suggestions, but I’m really excited to see what you guys come up with



    Wanted to say I love anvil’s products. My space moraines and guard are all the better from your products. It’s because of you product announcement that I found gaslands.

    I think crew would be a big deal. For us hard core converters, id like to dismount the interior of the car, ad some crew, window screens and then some new tires. I’ll base mine as well.

    Chris Robinson

    Hi Joel – just received my order from Anvil earlier this week, the parts are great, beautifully cast resin.

    My Gaslands project (well, my first one) is focusing on 1920s-50s cars (assuming a Korean War-era nuclear apocalypse), so I’d selfishly love some retro-style weapons and cruder armour plating, even Art Deco-ish bits. I have some 1/72 kits for pintle-mounted weapons, but streamlined side- or top-mounted WWII-esque guns would be awesome.



    Some skulls and other random trophies/crap could be nice.
    I know GW makes nice set and there’s supposedly some big mutants in the wasteland and skulls of giants would be highly valuable trophies, but I’d like to mount on my rams something that isn’t the size of a ottoman footstool.


    I want to put together several teams that involve bikes, but good options seem fairly hard to come by or expensive. I think Anvil would be a perfect balance point of quality, appropriate scaling, and price.

    In my perfect world there’d be sets of three bikes (cruisers, racing bikes, trikes and quads, and dirt bikes) and a set of two or three different sidecars.

    I’ll gladly put my name to a petition to Mike about it, since they’d be vehicles instead of bits.

    Eddie Haskell

    Definitely more options for crew and drivers, above all females. I really don’t picture the post-apocalyptic era being a men’s-only event. Hey, how about some cheerleaders for the sidelines? Also more weapons that look more realistic, no so sci-fi-ie,especially hvy and lite machine-guns, auto-cannons and so forth.

    Richard Hildebrand

    looks like this thread is old, but i’d love to see a death race “tombstone”rear armor plate for faster cars, also figures that aim out of windows with pistols and rifles. maybe those high bending polls that are on mad max fury road. I have some other ideas let me know if these would be doable!


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