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    Hello! Since Refueled had some skills changed, I propose discussing here skill application or clearing up their rule descriptions.


    A cute trick can be done with “Downshift” from Speed in a drive-through maneuver. When ramming opponent, obstacle drop your speed by 1. After collision move through obstruction using short template, becomming non-engaged.

    I’m wondering about 2 precision perks: “Mister Fahrenheit” and “Trick Driving”:
    1). I don’t see any use for Mister Fahrenheit. Is it really possible for a vehicle to gain more than 2 hazard tokens during collisions since smash attack gives 2 hazards?
    2). Do you think if it is possible to select long templates for vehicle at max gear of 4 when using “Trick Driving”?


    Refuelled, 2 ls. It’s English šŸ˜‰

    Trick Driving makes no mention of the car having to have the gear you’re pretending to use. I’d allow a tank to use 4th gear templates, for example, if said tank were in 3rd and somehow on a team with precision perks šŸ™‚
    So yes, I’d allow a vehicle that is maxed out in 4th gear to use Long Straight.

    Re Mister Fahrenheit, it is possible to have more than one collision in a single activation. Plus the perk Grinderman gives hazards rather than damage, so Mister Fahrenheit counters that.
    There are plenty of ways to give opponents more hazards during a collision, whether Mister Fahrenheit is worth it is really a meta call for your play group.

    Re Downshift, if you have rammed someone you don’t really want to lower your speed as this will lower your attack.


    RE Downshift – That sort of works, but only if the object is less than short long. So you probably can’t ram into the back of another car and then move through it, you probably could move through the side of a car.

    I’d agree trick driving doesn’t need you to be able to get into that gear, you just get to do templates as if you were that gear, so a gear 4 car can use the long straight.

    Mister Fahrenheit is one of those perks that I never pick, until I want to build some kind of crazy build. I’d think about it with Slime if they could take precision. There are occasions when I might double ram with Idriss and their nitros, but I would probably buy a ram for that. It does cry out for a build that requires something like a monster truck or a war rig that will easily get involved in multiple collisions in a turn, but again I’d be hard pressed not to just buy a ram for it instead.

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