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    Sarge Pepper

    A slight modification on rules presented by ‎Dale Burden on the facebook group, I figure the easiest way is to just treat the trailers as extra upgrades that grant a little extra build wiggle room in exchange for cans. Here’s my proposal:

    Reduce Handling of the Vehicle by 1, due to trailers not behaving well under big movements.

    When it is chosen, the player must declare that one of the purchased weapons/upgrades is attached to the trailer instead of the vehicle.

    Add three new Keyword Rules:
    Unbalanced Load – If the vehicle attempts a Hazardous Maneuver, Take 2 Hazards instead of 1.
    Lynchpin Stress – If this vehicle flips, the trailer is destroyed and any bonuses and/or weapons that were attached no longer can be used by the car.
    Deadweight – If the vehicle is a part of a slam attack, gain +1 die, but give 1 Extra Hazard to vehicle.

    Break trailers up into Light and Heavy Trailers.

    Light Trailers – Light being pack-up campers, dragging the tail end of a car, front tire tow rigs, etc. Small, mobile, able to just give you a little extra boost toward an extra build point.
    Any vehicle can tow a light trailer (Motorcycles have towable campers right now).
    Adds 1 build slot and 1 Hull
    Costs 2 Cans.

    Heavy Trailers – Heavy trailers are Horse Transporters, U-haul Trailers, anything between a light trailer and a Semi Trailer.
    Lightweight vehicles can’t tow these. Adds 2 Build Slots and 2 Hull.
    Costs 5 Cans

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