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    Rebel Wulf

    Hey Guys.

    I am really struggling to manage to get any of my usual crowd to actually play some Gaslands with me.

    Anyone in the London Area or local to East London who might be interested in playing?

    Gaslands Overlord

    I’ve just seen that Dark Sphere have created a facebook group for finding other Gaslands players there, so Dark Sphere might be a good bet:


    Rebel Wulf

    Yeah, a friend of mine posted that I was looking for players and might be up for playing there on her painting/modelling blog and she’s solid friends with the chaps at Darksphere.

    Added on to the fact you playtested there,I feel it was inevitable πŸ™‚



    Hey RW, I’m 40 mins from Darksphere and would be well up for games on a Sat/Sunday. I’m on the Darksphere group on FB.


    David O’Shea

    Hey. I’m in London (south) would interested in a game.


    Adam Fold

    Hi RF

    Whereabouts East are you? We have quite a big crew playing at Tanelorn Wargames Club at EXP Leisure in Hackney Wick (meets on Sundays). You’re more than welcome to come along and check it out.



    Rebel Wulf

    I have arranged a game at Darksphere with a chap called Richard Cook, this Thursday (1st March) at 6pm if anyone else is interested?

    Richard is organising the table booking, but I figured if everyone paying chips in for the table cost (not much?) we’re golden.

    Thehe plan is a 50can Deathrace!


    Rebel Wulf

    Game called due to snow πŸ™


    Hi we are playing at both H.A.T.E. in bethnal green on Wednesdays and Enfield gamers on Tuesdays both clubs have multiple players so should be easy enougth to get games.


    Chisel Wright

    Recently discovered the game and played our first game near Tower Bridge (Shad Thames) this evening.

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