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Topic: My very first terrain in lockdown

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    Marco Herreras

    Waiting to be able to go out to print the rules, templates and dice, and to go out to buy some cars (not a fan of Amazon when local stores are facing extinction), I figured I’d start making scenery with things available at home. Here’s the first batch (currently making rock cliffs and billboards). Hedgehogs and gates are made from Blood Bowl sprues; wall, crate and barrels are made out of floral foam covered with 2 layers of pure PVA, spray pinted in ochre, and then manually finished with other Vallejo base colors and Martian ironcrust. The Gaslands letters are made freehand with a hot glue gun on corrugated cardboard, then spray painted black.

    PS. Yeah, I read the gates should be something like 180+ mm wide, but these EPVC bases in my gates (160 mm) were leftovers after making buildings for Infinity, figured I’d use them…

    PS2. Phone pic is really bad, I apologise for quality. I know they should probably be darker, but after years doing dark and grim terrain for 40K, I wanted to make something more vibrant…

    first scenery during lockdown

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