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    David Snyder

    Hello all,

    My name is Dave Snyder and I own and run Javelin Dice Works. I’ve been making metal d6’s for about 5 years now, supplying Kickstarters, conventions, and promotions (EG – The Dice Tower 2018 promo dice for Tom Vasel). My goal has been to supply custom metal d6 dice at an affordable price in any quantity from 10 to 10,000.

    When I was at GrandCon (Grand Rapids, MI) this weekend I was approached by a Gaslands fan. After explaining the “Friends of Gaslands” program he asked if I would consider doing a run of metal dice for the community. I decided the best way to consider this would be to ask the community if there was enough demand for gloss anodized aluminum d6 Gaslands dice in sets of 5.

    If I decided to do this I would of course register to be a Patreon. I would then post these sets at my online kiosk for sale ( I estimate the cost would be between $15 and $20 per set if I did a run of 20+ sets in different colors, plus shipping.

    Does anyone here have any comment or advice on this? Any commentary would be appreciated.


    Dave Snyder
    Javelin Dice



    I’d be in for sure!!



    I’m the lurker who ran into Dave at GrandCon. I wanted to create an account so I could say how nice his dice are. I want him to make them available so I can order some for my friends and myself.

    They are laser engraved anodized aluminum that come in a variety of colors. Aluminum has a much more satisfying heft and coolness than plastic or wooden dice, and metal is thematically suited to our game.

    If you are interested, support this guy. I want to get a set of these dice!


    CJ Westphal

    On a slightly related note it’s cool to hear some people talking about GrandCon, as I am from halfway between GR and Kalamazoo!

    I had actually thought about running a couple of Gaslands games there, while my buddy ran Konflict ’47 games.



    Kalamazoo for life!
    Make them dice, then take my money!
    Also I am getting ready to set up some regular gaslands meet ups at One Well Brewing.



    I would be interested, but moreso in a 6 pack than a 5 pack, I play a lot of Miyazaki & idris and have needed to roll more than 5 skid dice in a single sitting on a few occasions



    Got 5 sets of solid metal dice from Javelin. Two sets for me and a set each for my gaming buddies. (Christmas sorted.) They are really nice and have a good weight and feel. Can’t wait to play a game with them.

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    Where did you find them? Did they ever get added to the online store? Can’t see them… 🙁
    Look great though!



    I don’t think he’s gotten them set up online yet. It sounds like he’s got a lot going on. I’d try the contact form on the website. I’ve been communicating via email. I’ll send him an email to make sure he sees your post.

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