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    I have a couple of questions on the Magnetic Jammer. The rulebook only states its effect as:

    The target vehicle may not discard ammo tokens during its next activation.

    First question: Does the attacking vehicle need to roll to hit the target and if so, how many dice? Other weapons that don’t roll dice to hit don’t target a specific vehicle (e.g. Thumper, dropped weapons), but the Jammer does. So it seems that a to-hit roll should be necessary, as a “miss” should certainly be possible.

    Second question: Is the targeted vehicle prevented from throwing grenades? My rule interpretation is yes, since tossing grenades “discards ammo tokens.” I guess one could consider that the Jammer prevents grenades from arming, so it would be pointless for crew on the targeted vehicle to throw them. But one could also argue that grenades wouldn’t arm until they were near the target (and out of the jamming field,) so a “jammed” vehicle should still be able to throw them.



    The jammer doesn’t have a number of attack dice listed, which means it’s not possible for it to roll to hit. So the effect’s automatic.

    And yes, you have to discard ammo tokens to throw grenades so you can’t do it if you’ve been jammed. I always imagined it as the ammo being magnetically stuck to the launcher, which could definitely happen to grenades. Or the pins are stuck in place. Or something like that anyway.

    How it works on molotovs is anybody’s guess.



    For molotovs, perhaps the ignition system is jammed so the molotovs can’t be set ablaze.

    Happens all the time anyway with disposable lighters ๐Ÿ™‚

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