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    Gevol Gray

    Let’s talk a little about Tank, about this piece of cardboard scrap.

    1) The tank is shot through with a pistol, rifle and other hand-guns.

    2) Cost 40 cans, without weapons 0_o we have 4 slots and 10 cans left out of 50 cans. Tank is useless Rutherford “exclusive vehicle”. How to play on tournament?

    3) OK, we took the Mini-Gun (4cans) (4d6) and two Machine Guns (2cans * 2) (2d6 and 2d6) In one transfer phase, our tank can inflict from 0 to 8 without a crit and can kill 1 Performance Car. If you’re lucky. A team consisting of a buggy kills a tank in 2-3 gearphases.

    How I see balance.
    1)Add a skill armor protect from all hand weapons with the exception of blast and fire(Waiting rpg-7 or bazooka).
    2)Add purchased two selected weapons gets turret-mounted(without x3 cost). Because they are mounted on a tank turret.

    Tank of Gaslander
    Tank of gaslander

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