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Topic: James Workshop's attempts at Terrain :-)

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    James Hall

    Hey guys! I’ll try and keep this updated with pictures as my collection grows 🙂

    Find me on facebook;

    And here’s some pictures 😉
    (attempt to use facebook urls failed. Resorting to plan B, photobucket!)

    Pic 1


    James Hall

    And now I can’t find the edit button ^^; oh well, here’s the remaining images!

    Pic 2

    Pic 3

    Pic 4


    James Hall

    Well here’s a related update 😉

    I made a piece of desert terrain for 28mm gaming. I figured it might help inspire some taste buds ;-p

    Made from trash too. The key is to find new uses for things.

    Img 1
    Img 2
    Img 3
    Img 4
    Img 5
    Img 6


    Jamie Wyness



    James Hall

    Thank you Jamie 🙂


    James Hall

    So here’s something I found in a Charity shop 😉


    Scalextric is completely out of scale, far too large for these diddy little cars, but the track itself, and railings, are very nice.



    The bridge definitely has some uses, especially for the more corporate, mars-based Death Races. Just need a suitable company name on there now…



    Ultimately I’ll have to see what I can cook up with it all 😉 But I’ll be sure to post back here with what I come up with 😀

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