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    I just finished a whole project dedicated to Gaslands. It is equipment for demonstrating the game – stuff for a demo table including cars and terrain.
    The project was created in three ‘blocks’ (one per month).
    Here are the results:

    Billboards, tire piles, Idris cars from the rulebook.

    Gas tanks, gates, Miyazaki Cars.

    Gas station, small terrain, fitting garage Pick Up.

    You can find further pics and information (in german) in the german forum “Tabletopwelt” linked here: – Carabors Into the Wasteland – summer project

    If you are interested i may add detailed pictures here and in the garage section at next time.

    Hope you enjoy.

    Chris Robinson

    Great looking stuff Carabor!


    Really impressive work, congratulations!
    Your modeling skills are outstanding (checked the link for your thread, and learned quite a few tricks).
    Thanks for sharings!

    Edit: BTW, what did you used as “base” for your pieces in that demo table, some sort of printed mat, or did you made that yourself (perhaps some sort of painted fabric)?


    Thank you very much!

    For the table i got a printed mat from my local gaming club. I just can’t tell you which exact product it is.

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