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    Answering the former harpoon/PIT question made me thing about harpoons some more. i’d appreciate other’s thoughts.

    1) My slow heavy truck harpoons the rear of a fast car. I reel him in but the rules now say we must both evade. (Tailgate collision vs a faster opponent). This seems a bit anti-climatic.

    2) Let’s say my opponent is running parallel to a wall, and I fire a harpoon at him from the side. I get enough hits to drag him into a collision but…

    On my first hit he spins around and is now facing the wall.

    Can I now choose to voluntarily “cut the cable” and not apply the rest of results, so that instead of reeling him towards me he runs straight into the wall on his next activation?

    That way, I don’t suffer a collision but he does, and potentially a worse one (especially if he is faster than me, see above).

    Gaslands Overlord

    Heh. Interesting and cinematic thoughts.

    This is really where the grey line between having enough detail to create the cinematic moments and not so much detail that the game is unapproachable lies.

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