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    (Slightly edited – I remembered that there is a Handbrake Turn skill!)

    Reading the Hanbrake Turn skill in the Control skill tree, I can’t help feeling it should be a more theatrical manouevre, and possibly more high risk (but possible available to everyone?) and would be a neat way to get one up on your opponent. The ‘Handbrake Turn’ option in the Control skill tree could then allow you to perform one for only 2 Hazard tokens, or something similar.

    Completely off the top of my head, it could be something like this:

    Handbrake turn:
    To perform a handbrake turn the vehicle must be a bike, buggy, car or performance car. The vehicle travels in a straight line according to its current gear (1-3 Short, 4-6 Medium) and once placed at the end of the template can be turned to face any direction. The vehicle is then shifted down to Gear 1 and receives 4 Hazard tokens. The Driver may not perform any attacks this Turn (Other Crew members still can, however).

    Of course this comes with the caveat that I have never designed a game and am in no way trying to suggest that I could!

    Gaslands Overlord

    There has been a handbrake turn rule at various points in the development, coming in and out and in and out again as things change.

    Right now, you can perform a hand-brake turn two ways: (1) by deliberately wiping out (I have actually won a race using this tactic), (2) using the updated SPIN rules.

    In the coming update things will likely change again.

    Hand-brake turns are clearly the classic cinematic move, so they need to be possible, for sure! Question is whether you use the existing move and skid rules to allow hand-brake turns to be “emergent” during play, or whether you have a rule called HANDBRAKE TURN which is an extra thing that has specific rules (and if you do, what does that add that the basic rules don’t already provide)? Not obvious, and pros/cons each way.



    I can see how performing a HBT by pulling a deliberate wipeout would be far more exciting than if it was a formalised move!


    Robert Amador

    I like the idea of making thru the skid dice. It gives it the option to fail or succeed on the luck of the dice.



    Basically a HBT is a straight, Slide and Spin.. allow that combo after a short or medium straight and you are set..don’t forget the two hazards.

    Gaslands Overlord

    That’s it, yup. After picking your straight manoeuvre, just roll some skid dice and look for a slide and a spin. The slide will give you the first 90 degrees and the spin will allow you to rotate the other 90 degrees.

    You look like a boss.

    There are perks that make it easier for some drivers, such as “handbrake artist”, or more effective, such as “powerslide”, so check those out!

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