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    When having some Gaslands mayhem on the sunday afternoon, my son came up with a suggestion for a device to throw Molotovs and grenades with.
    Of course there should be some risk in using a homemade device to increase the shooting distance from medium to long, which would the become a fourth shooting distance.
    i.e. small launcher increases from medium to long, costs 2,
    large launcher increases from medium to double, costs 4.
    Roll 1d6: When rolling a 1, explosive will explode in owner’s car, when rolling a 2 it will drop and do nothing.
    This is a rough idea, we’ld be glad to know your opinion about it !

    Gaslands Overlord

    This is really great! It’s a little more complex than I like to include, as it introduces another range band and a sort of “table” of effects.

    However, I love the flavour of it!

    It you use it as a house rule, you could also try using it to deploy dropped weapons at range! Maybe allowing you to drop oil slicks or mines at medium range?

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