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    Andrew Woodbridge

    I am a high school robotics teacher. I was wondering if I could get some help on my plans to play a modified version in my classroom . . . with robots. I am still waiting for my rules book to arrive, but here is my plan so far:

    I am going to have student groups each create a robot that is around 12″x6″ using Lego Technics EV3 kits. They will then write a program for each of the maneuvers in the game. The robots will all have a bumper which will stop the robot, so collisions can be resolved. We have a large shop space to run the game in.

    Any suggestions on scaling it up would be appreciated.


    Brian Kodaski

    Well, a 4’ square is recommended for 2” vehicles, so you should aim for a 24’ x 24’ play area. Terrain to match makes it more fun, but how will they handle Miyazaki drift?


    Andrew Woodbridge

    Planning is moving along. I have scaled up templates (short template is now 16″), and have enough space and debris for 2 simultaneous games.

    For spins, we are just going to pick up the robot and move it using the template. These are the adjustments to the rules so far:
    -I am ignoring sponsors
    -Rough terrain is going to be rough terrain and how their bot drives over it is what it is.
    -Smooth road terrain is going to be foam tiles, which the bots move the best on.
    -Cars will have a front bumper to pause movement to resolve a collision, then can stop or continue movement depending on the situation

    The field will have 2 gates and a start/finish line, I need the games to run a bit shorter

    I have 20 students in pairs. So 10 teams. Each team will be 2 vehicles, 40 points total. I will be running a round robin where each team plays 3 times. Top 4 teams will face off in a final rumble.

    Again any help or feedback would be appreciated.


    Richard Morandi

    How did this work out? I’m always interested in combining games with my classroom. This is an awesome idea!


    Andrew Woodbridge

    The robots look pretty cool, they are still coding, so this took a lot longer than I anticipated. I spent some time with each group to go over gameplay at the tabletop, so that should streamline game play when we go live.

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