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    So I am going to try and get together 4 players to play a gaslands/rpg hybrid campaign, in which the four players each have one car and I will play the antagonist vehicles. I want to run the game in the gaslands setting, but I want to mix up the rules for “vehicle creation” a bit. I am posting this here because I was hoping you fine folks could use your creative juices to help! So I will post what I have so far and tell me what you guys think! If everything goes well, I may record these games and post them to youtube. Thanks a million guys!


    The four horseman

    This is a campaign setting forGaslands made for four players on the protagonists team and one player playing the opposition.

    To begin with each of the four protagonists will build a 30 can medium or heavier vehicle and name the driver. Factions aren’t available, but perks are available in this setting, but are selected in a format unique to this campaign. Each perk will fall into a perk class and can only be purchased by a vehicle that meets its requirements(i.e. Stunt driver). The first class is vehicle perks, which are perks that directly upgrade the vehicle itself. The second class of perks are driver perks, which directly upgrades the driver’s capabilities. The third class of perks are passenger perks. Passenger perks are only available once the vehicle has a second crew member , and each vehicle may only take one passenger class. Passenger classes each come with a standard perk.

    Perks list

    Car-murder tractor, power slide, big tires, easy rider, expertise, hot start, overload, hell for leather, rocket thrusters, experimental nuclear engine, experimental teleporter, thumpermonkey-dynamo(? cost), pinball(? cost), rear drive, fender kiss, delicate touch, purring,

    Driver-grinder man, evasive, slippery, trick driving, stunt driver, moment of glory, restraint, hand brake artist, slip stream, force transferral, skiing, momentum, pit, virtuoso(? cost), evasive maneuvers(? cost)

    Passenger classes

    The Gunner

    Gunners are expert marksman that specialize in heavy weapons. Any vehicle with a gunner is sure to dish out some damage.

    Well Stocked (standard): This team considers any weapon with the ammo 3 special rule to instead have the ammo 4 special rule when purchased.

    Road Warrior (standard): If this vehicle successfully causes one or more hits on an enemy vehicle at any point during its activation, this vehicle may remove a single hazard token for free at the end of its activation.

    -Broadside(? cans):During the attack step, any side facing weapons from this vehicle receive a +1 to hit.(?)

    -Dead-Eye (3 Cans): During this vehicle’s attack step, up to three crewmembers in this vehicle may gain a +1 bonus to hit if making a shooting attack at a target within double range and not within medium range. Critical hits still occur only on the natural roll of a 6.

    -Fully Loaded (2 Cans): When this vehicle attacks with a shooting weapon that has 2 or more ammo tokens remaining, gain +1 attack die.

    -Headshot (4 Cans): When making a shooting attack, this vehicle’s critical hits inflict 3 hits instead of the normal 2 hits.

    -Loader (2 Cans): This vehicle may assign two crewmembers to a single weapon during the attack step to gain +1 to hit with that weapon. The second crewmember may not make a separate attack. Critical hits still occur only on the natural roll of a 6.

    -Rapid Fire (2 Cans): Once per turn a single crewmember in this vehicle may shoot twice with the same weapon in a single attack step. When firing a weapon that has limited ammo in this way, each attack removes a separate ammo token.

    -Return Fire (5 Cans): Once per gear phase, if this vehicle is the target of a shooting attack, this vehicle may take 2 hazard tokens to immediately attack, as if it was this vehicle’s attack step.

    The Engineer
    (This is the class that I feel needs most work)
    An engineer is a jack of all trades, support crew member. Whatever it takes to get to the finish and be the last vehicle running, the engineer has it.

    Heavy Metal (standard): The armor plating upgrade provides 4 hull points instead of 2.

    Speed Demon (standard): When using Nitro, vehicles in this team only gain hazard tokens until they have 3 hazard tokens after each of the two activations, rather than the normal 5.

    -Cargo Room(? cans):This vehicle gains an extra build slot.

    -Mobile Mechanic (5 Cans): Once per turn,
    during the attack step, a single crewmember may be assigned to perform a FIELD REPAIR instead of attacking with a weapon. This vehicle gains 1 hull point, which may not take the remaining hull points above the vehicle’s hull value.

    -Out Run (2 Cans): At the start of this vehicle’s attack step, all vehicles within short range of this vehicle and in a current, lower gear than this vehicle gain +1 hazard token.

    -Powder Keg (1 Can): This vehicle may add +1 to its explosion check. Treat this vehicle as one weight-class heavier when it explodes.

    -Chrome-Whisperer (2 Cans): This vehicle may push it any number of times during a single skid check, gaining +1 hazard token each time.

    -Safety first(3 cans): Once per turn,during the attack step, a single crewmember may be assigned to perform a SAFETY INSPECTION instead of attacking with a weapon. This vehicle removes a single hazard token.

    -(don’t know what to put here)

    The Cavalier

    A cavalier is a master of close range combat, and a practitioner of terror tactics.

    -Brace For Impact (standard): After a smash attack involving this vehicle, subtract 1 Hull and 1 hazard from the damage this vehicle took.

    -Madman (standard): At the end of this vehicle’s activation, if it has 4 or more hazard tokens, it may remove a hazard token and place it on another vehicle within medium range.

    -Boarding Party (2 Cans): This vehicle ignores the distracted rule. Crewmembers in this vehicle may attack during the attack step even if the vehicle is distracted.

    -Battlehammer (4 Cans): When making a smash attack, this vehicle gains +1 attack dice for each hazard token it currently has.

    -Unnerving Eye Contact (5 Cans): Enemy vehicles within short range of this vehicle may not use shift results to remove hazard tokens from their dashboard.

    -Taunt (2 Cans): At the start of this vehicle’s attack step, roll a skid die. If you roll something other than a SHIFT result, you may place that skid die result onto the dashboard of a target vehicle within short range. This skid die result must be resolved during that vehicle’s next skid check, and may not be re-rolled.

    -Fist of Steel (4 Cans): This vehicle may take a hazard token to re-roll all its attack dice during a smash attack.

    -Terrifying Lunatic (5 Cans): Whenever a vehicle controlled by another player ends its movement step within short range of this vehicle, the active vehicle gains a hazard token.

    -Schadenfreude (2 Cans): If another vehicle within short range of this vehicle resolves a wipe out, (either before or after any flip), remove all hazard tokens from this vehicle.


    Anywhere you see a question mark, I need help determining something, like the cost in cans for something.
    -I am thinking of dividing the driver perks into two different classes, to further differentiate vehicles.
    -I am also thinking of adding a fourth passanger class, but haven’t figured out what I want to do. Any ideas are welcome.
    -I am considering ideas on how to do progression. For instance, if someone has a turreted machine gun and wants to switch it to a turreted flamethrower, should I just subtract the cost of the turreted mg from the price of the upgrade to the flamethrower?
    -Any thing that you think should be moved from one perk class to another?

    Zack C

    I don’t know too much about how to balance these (as I’ve been playing Gaslands sans perks for now) though a lot of them strike me as really strong. Also, I don’t know if this is the case already but it might be kinda neat to have perks be character specific – ie, a driver and passenger may have different perks and each perk only applies to the weapons that they are assigned.

    Either way, I’d love to check out your game on youtube.

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