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Topic: Gaslands appears in MINIATURE WARGAMES magazine!

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    Gaslands Overlord

    Super excited to have our first magazine article in support of the game available in UK stores this week!

    Excitingly, it contains a detailed campaign system that had to get cut from the final rulebook. Beta Playtesters will recognise some elements of it, but it’s an all new system, complete with TWO EXCLUSIVE SCENARIOS for the game!

    They are totally sold out of paper copies, but the digital version is available to buy here:

    Teaser piccies:

    Gaslands in Miniature Wargames magazine December 2017


    Rebel Wulf

    I bought a copy of this!

    … Digitally.

    This company does not make it easy to save their nonsense offline.


    Adam Souza

    Is there any chance of these rules being made available on somewhere like RPGNow, or the Wargames Vault, or does Miniatures Wargames Magazine retain the rights to the articles ?



    I’ve been looking on their website and it appears to be impossible to get hold of back issues of this magazine. They have print copies of the last couple of months but nothing further back, which means they don’t have this issue. You also can’t buy digital back issues, only a digital subscription which starts from the current isdue.

    So I’d like to second Adam’s request. Is there any way to get hold of this article or have we just missed the boat?


    Stephen Smith

    Sadly, I can find no option to purchase this issue.

    Gaslands Overlord

    Nor I.

    I’ve asked the guys there, and I’ll post back here once I get an answer.


    Mr. Chaos

    Fingers crossed you have some luck with this Mike. I NEED this



    Not sure if this is legitimate, but Mr. Google found this as the 2nd link for my search…


    Velcro 74

    This is great source material!
    Thank you! MN

    Gaslands Overlord

    Ok, so there are totally sold out of paper copies, but the digital version is available to buy here:


    Fabian Lehniger

    Can we print from the digital version or is it still possible that these rule will be available on there own or in a future supplement?

    Gaslands Overlord

    I’m sure you can print a copy for personal use.

    I’m still confirming some details with Osprey but it’s very likely to become available separately one way or another, but not for a while. (I have an embargo with Miniature Wargames for a period to help them sell mags.)


    Christian Barnes

    Loving the whole concept of Gaslands and Mikes journey to bring it to us! I am trying to tear my boy away from 40k to play with me – until that happens im very happy modding hotwheels and learning the rules. I dont like to encourage piracy but i do want to support this venture so heres a link to the above magazine:

    Miniature Wargames – December 2017

    Let me know if i need to remove this link but all advertising is good advertising right?!

    Keep the dream alive Mike – cant wait to see whats next for Gaslands!

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