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    Peter Melvin

    Hi I’m Crazy Pete of Crazy Pete’s Little of Workshop of Horrors and due to a garbled death rattle we’re currently overstocked on mobile murder machines and we’re passing the savings on to yoooouuuuu!

    battle bus
    The battle bus. Granny needs to get to the bingo, and she’s not willing to wait in traffic.

    Reaver taxi

    When Uber undercut his taxi job, Big Dave was rather annoyed, but he’s found a way to channel it: right through the barrel of two 50. machine guns.


    More engine, bigger accelerator pedal, snapped off the brake pedal, removed everything else except the drivers seat, wheel and the radio (a man needs his tunes)

    Crazy Ivan

    They said Ivan was crazy. Ivan wasn’t crazy, but don’t be fooled, he was totally insane, but in complete control of it.

    the gang

    The gangs all here


    And the haul I’ve to get through. Two trucks, a chopper and a whole mess of cars.

    Gaslands Overlord

    So cool! I love the mix of textures you’ve got with the various meshes and bars.


    Peter Melvin

    Some progress


    Jason Schmidt

    “TAXI! . . . nah, it’s cool. I’ll just wait for the next cab.”

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