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    If my car is incapable of moving the full distance of a straight template after I’ve used “Highway to Hell” because of colliding with another car, I’m assumming that you still drop down the template which touches both my car and the car I’m ramming? What happens in the following collision window?

    1). Do I get to pick against which car the napalm template resolves before it gets removed? Or does it hit both of vehicles?
    2). At which step of a collision window does the damage from this template resolution occur? The reason I’m asking this is that in case I set an opponent on fire before initiating collision, I will reduce the damage of their smash attacks by 3 which is a lot.

    Question with similar mechanics: If a sludge dropper drops a small burst template with napalm on multiple vehicles, which one does it resolve against, both or one I select? Does it happen during my activation?


    Good questions all.

    1) It states under dropped weapon rules that they do not count as overlapping the active vehicle when placed, this means that it actually can’t hit the active vehicle.
    2) Highway to Hell specifies that it triggers at the end of the movement step, so technically the sequence would go like this:

    Move to final position.
    Collision Window.
    Collision Window.
    End of Movement step, trigger Highway to hell, movement template becomes napalm.
    Attack step.
    Declare targets.
    Roll Attack dice.
    Collision window – Resolve the Napalm template.

    So you can’t set someone on fire with the movement template that is causing you to hit them, because it won’t become napalm until the end of the movement step, which will be after you resolve your collision with them. Nice try though.

    If you hit multiple vehicles with Napalm it specifies that it effects the first vehicle and then is removed, so only one. Simultaneous Effects on page 14 states that if multiple special rules would resolve at the same time the active vehicle gets to choose the order of resolution. So the sequence would be, template gets placed overlapping two vehicles, that are effected simultaneously. Therefore, active vehicle chooses one to resolve first, resolving the Napalm removes the Napalm, and the second effect no longer exists to resolve. It happens in the next Collision window. So the template is placed in declaration of targets step and resolves in the Collision window immediately following it.


    Thank you for a detailed reply.

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