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    Gaslands Overlord

    If you are a playtester, you can always get the latest version of Gaslands by re-loading it from the playtesters section of the site.


    v4.04 – 19 August
    – Big overhaul of collisions
    – Overhaul of turn sequence
    – Introduction of an “Fine Points & FAQ” section
    – Fixed some skid dice resolution bugs
    – Revised perks
    – Revised traps
    – loads of minor tweaks

    v4.00 – 26 May 2016
    – Armour Value have been replaced with Weight, making shooting and smashing simpler.
    – Rolls of a 6 now do double damage.
    – The progression system has changed and you can use all of the options during one-off games.
    – XP doesn’t exist anymore, you just buy everything with cans.
    – New scenarios
    – Wipe Out has altered a bit, and you are now more likely to damage yourself if you are travelling faster when you wipe out.
    – The shooting stick now just uses the maneuver templates.
    – War Rigs rules
    – Traps in alpha

    v3.15 – 15 April – More tweaks to the race scenario to make it more exciting.
    – Weapons are a bit more pokey AND give you hazard tokens. Might have gone too far in the other direction, but we shall see…
    – You can now shift in reverse, to keep the game moving and get the the folks back in the race.
    – Don’t touch an invalid template, or someone else will drive you into a wall!
    – Other small nips and tucks.

    v3.14 – 19 March – HAZARD RESULTS now just give you HAZARD TOKENS, which is cleaner.
    v3.12 – 19 March – Brand new HAZARD TOKEN economy. You roll and apply ALL the skid dice, and you have to use the skid dice and templates to manage the hazard tokens that are building up on your car.

    v3.09 – 14 Feb 2016 – more clarifications on the vehicle and weapon options
    v3.08 – 14 Feb 2016 – minor corrections on the weapon options

    v3.07 – 12 Feb 2016
    – removed “three skills” prerequisites from tank access and helicoper access skills
    – every mechanic now starts with 1XP and therefore a free skill

    v3.05 – 27 Jan 2016 – Typos, added missing car dashboards, minor nips and tucks throughout.

    v3.03 – 24 Jan 2016 – Lots of changes!
    – Alpha campaign system
    – Revised movement templates
    – Templates must now by placed centred on the vehicle
    – Difficulty of each maneuver now varies according to the speed you’re going.
    – You are now limited to a max speed and max handling equal to your remaining hull, so damage starts to cripple you towards the end
    – Smash attacks have been messed about with a lot, and side swipe and tailgate rules added
    – Skid checks and rolls have been messed about with some more

    v2.05 – 28 Oct 2015 – Must select rolled hazards during skid checks. Second and subsequent gear changes requires additional shift results. Removed rogue blank page. Improved counter sheet layout to make them easier to cut out.

    v2.03 – 25 Oct 2015 – Overhaul to movement, skid dice, damage, pretty much everything. Added vehicles, weapons, equipment, scenarios, gates for racing and more.

    v1.05 – 29 Sep 2015 – Changed damage table to 2D6, added new and improved print & play damage cards. Added Chopper to list of two-weapon vehicles. Added suggested points values.

    v1.04 – 16 Sept 2015 – Initial beta version

    Gaslands Overlord

    I should really drop a new comment here to make it look like there’s something new to see!

    Just released a v3.15, release notes above.

    Gaslands Overlord

    v4.0 is released. Notes above.

    Gaslands Overlord

    v4.03 is release. Notes above.

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