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    Sarge Pepper

    So, I’ve been pondering what can be done with Gaslands after the Refueled edition comes out with new sponsors and revised rules. There’s still a lot of lore that can be sifted through since it’s been largely un-addressed, but while I was thinking about it, something popped in my head.

    What if we give rules for arenas? Like, specific places on Earth where the races occur that can adopt special rules or help inspire some terrain?

    Some ideas I had:
    Shanghai Docks: Largest Docks in the world, still crawling with scavengers who are picking through the rotten leftovers of a world long past. The ocean’s retreat left a boneyard of massive cargo ships that still hold hundreds of tonnes of materials and the cracked ocean bottom runs right up into a heavy urban-industrial warehouse zone fraught with tight corridors and unstable structures. Potential rule “Detrius”: Anytime a collision with a terrain feature happens, place another breakable terrain piece anywhere in short range.

    The Badlands (Everything from Utah Buttes to Texas Desert): Abandoned oil fields, desert, scrub, and ghost towns make up the small, yet fierce group of ranchers that are trying to make a living off of the land. Onery and proud, Badlanders are known for being stubborn and trigger happy, eager to guard the few oil refineries and ranches that still stand in the urban skeletons of the southern reaches of fallen America. A combo of Southerners and Native American Tribes occupy the area and there are entire towns lost to sand dunes that can be uncovered or lost overnight. Potential Rule “Sandstorm”: Bad Visibility makes driving extremely hazardous. Hazardous Maneuvers add one additional Hazard.

    Sau Paulo Penitentiary: The largest prison ever built, it is more of a city than a prison. Taking over the ruins of Sau Paulo, the Brazilian government walled off the whole area and, left the prisoners inside. Weekly airdrops of supplies, seeds, and other basic needs are dropped in but are left to the gangs and bosses on the inside to distribute. Mars even sends their worst offenders here, making for desperate individuals with nothing to lose, trying to make their way back home. Dense urban areas, wrecks, and debris litter the streets making each race harder than the last. Potential Rule “Rioters” – Place 2d6 tokens on the table at the start of the match, players take turns placing them on the table. Tokens are Rioters interrupting the match. They can move any direction in a short maneuver template, have 1 Hull, and carry Rifles. Players may activate these instead of their vehicles, but each one may only act once per Turn.

    The White Graveyard: Rampant climate change as a result from the war not only sunk the ocean and heated the earth’s equator, it also made the inhospitable chilly climates of the extreme north and south of the earth utterly uninhabitable for most. Called the graveyard due to the numerous vehicles that underestimated the cold laying under ice and snow, this climate is an extreme challenge to all who try to conquer it’s craggy, icy fields or it’s dangerous mountain roads. Potential Rule “Glass Rain” – Sleet and hail as sharp as glass kills more drivers than bullets up here. Take a 1d6 attack for every unresolved slide result, cumulative for that activation.

    What other areas do you guys see in an apocalypse like this? There’s so much we can do. Overgrown jungles, European hills and highways, and urban cities lost to war and famine.

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