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    My understanding of harpoons thus far..
    If it hits, it re-aligns the target such that it is either facing directly towards, or away, from the harpoon attacker.
    For each additional hit (from the Harpoon attack, not from other weapons occurring in the same attack phase) the target is drawn one short move towards the attacker (or the other way around if the weight classes so require it) This could result in a collision.
    I understand that you CANNOT use the harpoon to draw the target into range of other shooting attacks this phase, as those attacks would have needed to be in range and declared prior to the Harpoon attack being resolved. IE, you can not hold handgun and similar attacks in reserve until the possible victim gets drawn closer.

    Am I correct with all of the above?

    If so, my question is this:
    How long does the target stay snagged? For just this gear phase? for multiple gear phases? Is there a way to break free, or is it a death lock until either the victim or the attacker is destroyed?
    Additionally, lets say that there is space between the harpooning vehicle, and it’s fish, can another vehicle pass through this space (one would think not, but..) if the harpoon line is persistent through the rest of the gear phase, and other vehicles activate, could another vehicle cut the cable/chain by plowing through? Would a biker get decapitated if he tried to shoot the gap?
    Inquiring minds want to know.
    If these questions have already been addressed, I apologize for my lack of google skills in not being ale to find those answers.


    Firstly, yes, you are correct in all the above.

    In answer to your question, the target is snagged only for the current attack step. In background terms the target is snagged, hauled in, and then the line breaks or the harpoon is wrenched free, either due to a collision if there is one, or due to the target desperately gunning their motor in the other direction.

    There was an early version where harpooning and harpooned vehicles were connected, but it was too much bookkeeping and it never got off the alpha test level, but if you’re willing to put up with something more fiddly, feel free to house rule it. Personally I think its a rather fun idea.


    Thank you for you quick response!

    I had read through the rules multiple times, and I guess I somehow missed the concept that it ended that it ended with that attack step. In my mind I kept thinking, “ok, you have them snagged, but a collision didn’t happen … now what?”
    Maybe a house rule about the target having to roll under their current gear to break free is in order. That way, they have a higher likelihood of doing so that higher their gear is.
    Have that roll take place as soon as the target gets activated, but prior to actually selecting a movement template. Maybe have a modifier for extra crew being able to attend to releasing the cable/grappling hook/whatever. If they fail to break free then the only movement open is a short move directly away from the attacker.

    Yes, I will have to cogitate on the ramifications…
    And I still like the idea of an intervening vehicle snapping the cable. Or maybe failing to do so, and getting caught up in the ‘melee’…

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