Independent Wargaming Anthology

Mike has teamed up four of the world’s hardest working independent wargame designers and one kick-ass designer to create an awesome new regular wargaming anthology: BLASTER.

Indie gaming awesomeness

BLASTER is a collaboration between Mike Hutchinson (Gaslands), Joseph McCullough (Frostgrave), Ash Barker (Guerrilla Miniature Games), Joey McGuire (This is Not a Test) and Sean Sutter (Relicblade).

Each volume of BLASTER contains exclusive articles and expansions for your favourite indie tabletop games, including Frostgrave, Gaslands, A Billion Suns, Relicblade, This Is Not A Test, Reality’s Edge, Last Days, Rangers of Shadow Deep and many more, as well as completely new stand-alone games not available anywhere else.

Volume Three & Four: Gaslands Legacy (Parts 1 & 2)

Gaslands: Legacy is a huge new expansion for Gaslands, providing new rules for creating crazy cars and following their exploits over a series of narratively linked games, with a bunch of new legacy mechanics to evolve your vehicles and unlock paths through the story, and to ensure that whatever is done cannot be undone… Gaslands: Legacy is a totally new way to play Gaslands.

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Volume Two: Mystic Skies

Imagine yourself as a powerful sorcerer, soaring above the desert on a magic carpet. Combining the nail-biting movement of Gaslands with brutal magic and combat systems, Mystic Skies is a complete and standalone wargame of high-speed magical duels, tower defence and monster hunting. All the rules you need to play this stand-alone game mode are included in Volume Two of BLASTER.

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Volume One: Martian Racing Federation

Martian Racing Federation is a new game mode for Gaslands in which you pilot high-speed anti-grav racers across the red sands of Mars. All the rules you need to play this stand-alone game mode are included in Volume One of BLASTER.

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