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    James Hall

    So I knocked this together, as I’ve needed one in my last few games.


    Clean and simple, should do the job. Will make it fancy at a later date.
    Font is “Dock 51”. Should just be under A6 size.

    And I’ve always found the wording “Gear (Blank) or Higher” works during game play. So for example;

    Gear phase 2; “is anyone in Gear 2 or higher? Activate”



    James Hall

    Played first game with template today, will edit to around 4 or 5 turn limit. I don’t think a game will ever reach 10 turns of 6 phases each šŸ˜‰

    not unless it’s some incredible game of cat and mouse ;-p


    Fabian Lehniger

    looks like photobucket doesn’t want you to share. mind making a re-up?

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