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Topic: Speed = distance / time : what's the value of "t" ?

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    Hello to the Gaslands community! First post, just got my rule book 2 days ago and I’m already scavenging old matchbox and hot wheels cars for conversions.

    Here’s my question (and it has no bearing on game play):

    What do you think the scale speeds are? How fast is a vehicle moving for each gear phase and what is the top speed?

    We already know the length of the template pieces – multiply by 64

    s = d/t – so what is needed to complete this calculation is the value for “t” –

    So how long is a gear phase?

    Gaslands Overlord

    In a very early version of the game, instead of tracking gears using a D6, each car had a D00 showing their speed from 20 to 100mph.

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