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    James Lawrie

    Hi Mike

    Could you pm me or post a sheet or SHIFT tokens from the older rules, I’ve deleted those books and Ging and I are trying out a rule where you accumulate SHIFT tokens in a simalar way to HAZARD tokens. As there are many ways to get HAZARD tokens we find its possible to wipe out to often in some games, there is a risk of having too many SHIFT tokens though.
    Imagine white line fever, where the driver floors it to max gear gets DISRUPT and the crew can’t shoot this activation, if the the vehicle has 6 or more SHIFT tokens at any point


    Gaslands Overlord

    Hey James,

    Shift tokens changed the difficulty of a manoeuvre, when manoeuvres had difficulties and you had the pick one die.

    I wouldn’t be keen to introduce a third currency into the game, as management of hazards and hull is enough. (We’ve previously experimented with “tyre points” and “shift tokens”).


    Gaslands Overlord

    I like the idea that hazard tokens some how mess with your ability to shoot…

    I’m struggling to resist the temptation to say “either skid die or attack” because why would the crew care, but it might be worth playtesting.


    James Lawrie

    Seeing as gaining HAZARD tokens can come from so many sources it is fine to see CREW and DRIVER as being effected the same by them, being SLAMed means the driver has to react by countering or swerving etc, as the crew need to brace for impact or fight of boarding partys. That’s just one example.

    Our first game of v4 had 4 out of 6 vehicles WIPEOUT in gear phase 2 of the first turn, due to ramming and poor dice rolls, we see it as if you can save up SHIFT tokens to then you can manage incoming damage, collisions, fires etc, also meaning you might get tempted to roll a skid check when you don’t need to in order to get a SHIFT token or 2 at the risk of spinning out etc.

    After all we like rolling dice

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