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    H-P Henttonen

    After our first game the rules seem awesome! I only have one question so far.

    Roads allow you to Push It for free if both the manouver template and the final position are on it. However wouldn’t the final position only be checked after the skid rolls are done?

    Gaslands Overlord

    Hmmm, that’s a good point. I meant the unmodified final position, but you’re right that sort of doesn’t make sense.

    I wonder whether it’s unclear enough to errata to just the manuever template.


    Michael Matecha

    I wonder how Gaslands would play if any of these were the sole requirement for gaining the road benefit of “push it”

    -If a vehicle begins its turn completely on the road.

    -If the movement template is completely on the road.

    -If the vehicle begins on the road and the movement template is completely on the road.

    I prefer the third option.
    In many other games a vehicle must begin and end its movement on a road to gain the road benefit.
    Placing your movement template on the road shows your intent to do so.

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