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    Gaslands Overlord

    If you would like to be a GASLANDS playtester, please sign up here!

    You’ll need to create an account to comment, which is the important bit, because I need an email address for you.

    Say hello below, and saying where in the world you are based, but don’t post your email address, or the nasty spammers will get it…

    Once you signup, I will manually grant you access to the secret playtesters section of the site (which might take a few hours).

    We have reached 300 playtesters, and access to the playtest beta is currently closed. Thank you to everyone for signing up!


    Mike Marshall

    Hi Mike, sign me up please

    Mike Marshall

    usual type email thing 🙂


    Jay Adan

    I would like to sign up to be a playtester.



    Hello, I’d like to as well, am in Burbank (Los Angeles).


    chronos twelve

    i’d be interested in playtesting this,i’ve been playing car combat games for fifteen years now and have a horde of scratchbuilt matchbox/hotwheels vehicles.


    Miles Adams

    Hey there! My club, the Bellingham Warhamsters, is really into kitbashed hotwheels and games that support them. We’d love to playtest Gaslands.



    Steve & I will play test (Long Island, NY), but you can send all emails just to me. 🙂


    Gaslands Overlord

    You guys are ALL AWESOME. You should now see a super secret menu option in the menu bar above. This will take you to the TOP SECRET PLAYTESTING section of the site, where you can download the rules.

    I’ll clarify how to give feedback over the few days, via the forums here, but for now, download, read and enjoy!



    Jay Adan

    I am from Massachusetts, US.



    Allo, signed up with my WP ID.


    owney .

    I would like to partake in this highway madness as well!


    Tim Mayse-Lillig

    I would like to playtest with my club, Chicago Skirmish Wargames.


    I’m in! Excited to give it a try! I’m in Youngstown, NY.


    Gaslands Overlord

    Hey folks! Welcome aboard!

    I’ve given you all access to the secret playtesters only page, where you can grab the rulebook and templates. You should see a new menu option in the site menu above.

    Thanks for helping out!


    Mr Brown

    How goes folks?

    I’m hoping to get some kitbashing done over the weekend and get a proper read of the rules this evening. Thanks for inviting me onboard!

    Adam (Aberdeen, UK)


    Joe McLaren

    Hi! I’d like to sign up to playtest please. I’m based in Kent, UK.


    Matthew Adlard

    To Mike,

    Hi, please if possible sign one up and can also run games at a games club.##

    Have experience at playtesting and also working under NDA, etc.

    Also have over 30 years gaming history, and worked with others on a Living rulebook for Darkfuture, etc.


    Hi Mike

    Greate new about your rules, its indeed a blast to get on the Osprey train, congratulations !

    If you are not filled up with playtesters already plaease add me to, would be really interesting to try your rules out. Played a loot of Combat Cars (here in sweden, Battlecars I think was the original title) when I was younger.

    We actually had a try with the rules some years ago at our club:) you can see some pictures at my old blog:

    now my blog are here:

    Best regards Michael


    Gaslands Overlord

    Hi guys, pleased to meet you all.

    I’ve given you guys access to the playtester-only sections now.

    Joe – if you are in Kent, feel free to come join us to playtest in person.


    Joe McLaren

    Absolutely! Where in Kent are you? I’m in Rochester- we’ve an FLGS in town with lots of gaming space.


    Gaslands Overlord

    Canterbury, so about 45mins either way. If you are thinking of putting on some playtesting on a weekend I’d love to come and join in!


    Joe McLaren

    Great- I’ll see what we can do!


    Please sign me up – based in Surrey UK


    andrea gibbons

    creator and author of a game I would like to participate in the play test


    Jaye Wiley

    Please sign my group up in the Kansas City area.

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