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    James Hall

    More hull points could work, but the last thing I’d want to see is cars and buggys with 20 hits a piece. I think you’d have more luck by lowering the damage dice values of weapons, say with flame throwers and rockets down to 5d6 or 6d6 at most. Similar to how the chain gun and HMG changed down in output.

    Yep still using the AV value for shooting attacks. Probably skipped over the new rules regarding shooting and how attacks are made. AV works simply enough as it’s just one value, to hit and to wound all combined. I’d argue there’s no need for an armour save, dodge roll or anything like that, as in the bigger points games it would certainly slow it down with that extra step.

    The armour plates upgrade add +2 hull points right? Why not have some sort of “armoured” modifier for vehicles. Doesn’t have to be intense. Re-roll a successful hit maybe?


    Stuart Kelly

    I had wondered about allowing shooting in every phase, but limiting some weapons to n shots per turn? So crew can still blat away with pistols all day long but the big beefy weapons like a flamethrower don’t get to be used as often. Slow moving vehicles with templates actually stand a chance of being in range more often than gear 5/6 buggies shooting straight to the front.

    Cool write up though.


    Gaslands Overlord

    Yep, this is the idea behind the “AMMO” rule. You can only shoot the flamethrower three times in the game, but pistols all game long.


    James Hall

    Ah but there’s nothing to say I couldn’t disgorge all 3 of the ammo for, say grenades, all at once.

    unless that’s covered in the attacking rules. hang on


    Stuart Kelly

    Sorry yes I should have clarified, you have limited ammo but nothing stops you using all of that ammo in 3 consecutive gear phases when you are right next to what you want to shoot?


    James Hall

    rules as written;

    “You may attack with all of your weapons every time
    you activate.
    You may make as many ATTACKS in each phase as
    you have CREWMEMBERS.”

    followed by

    “Each weapon can only be fired once in each phase,
    and requires a single CREWMEMBER to fire.
    Remaining crewmembers may fire their HANDGUNS.”

    So 3 crewmen cannot fire all 3 grenades in the same gear phase. What they can do, is fire 1 grenade in following gear phases.

    i.e, GP1 – 1 grenade attack
    GP2 – 1 grenade attack
    GP3 – 1 grenade attack


    Gaslands Overlord

    Stuart – yes, that’s right at the moment. If you can “stay on them” well enough to draw line of sight three phases in a row, you can shoot them three times in a row, right now.

    James – correct. Of course, you could buy the grenades upgrade three times, (maybe for a pickup truck), and now you can hurl three grenades in a single phase…


    Stuart Kelly

    Makes perfect sense for the straightforward weapons like machine guns. As you say multiple grenades or turret mounted weapons are a lot more lethal than I thought, especially on something like a war rig. Ouch.


    Gaslands Overlord

    Like you say:

    > Slow moving vehicles with templates actually stand a chance of being in range more often than gear 5/6 buggies shooting straight to the front.

    I think this actually goes a long way to balance things out, in real-world play, and remove the annoying book-keeping of who has fired this turn or not.

    Faster vehicles don’t really get to shoot more often in practice, because they are blazing off into the distance…


    Gaslands Overlord

    Yeah…. turrets remain pretty gross!


    James Hall

    So where me and Aidan went wrong, was mixing up grenades with something like a static upgrade. Why wouldn’t a group of guys chuck them all at once as a violent gamble? πŸ˜‰

    Considering that, I will have to get another game in.

    other things I’ve since seen / thought of while looking through the rules;

    > Regarding AV and now all shooting is a 4+, why not have it tied to Weight class? in the same way buggies and bikes used to be, what? 3+ to damage and hit? look at something like;

    Lightweight – 3+
    Middle – 4+
    Heavy – 5+

    hell all the vehicles are already covered, so that work’s done.

    > rear shielding. “attacks in the rear suffer -2 to hit” so considering the above, does that mean I’d need a successful 6+ to damage the rear of a vehicle? or is the -2d6 from an attack?

    > rockets, flamers, both have ammo 3 and 8d6 damage. So potentially in a turn, could dish out 24d6 damage using up all their ammo in 3 gear phases. No other weapon comes close to that in output. I know they are locked by cost and special rules, but that’s still a ton of dice to be throwing around.


    James Hall

    “James – correct. Of course, you could buy the grenades upgrade three times, (maybe for a pickup truck), and now you can hurl three grenades in a single phase…”

    Oh mike what have you done…

    >Bus for 15, max out crew for further 7.
    >8 boxes of grenades for 8.
    >16d6 attacks each turn, 360 degrees in short, lasting 3 phases before out of ammo.

    but it’s a Massive sink at 30 points. The War-Rig I ran yesterday weighed in at 27 πŸ˜‰

    Love the idea of having some kind of…molotov party rolling around the wasteland. Like they put a brewery distillery on the back of a flat bed and just got piss drunk, and started throwing these things out like flaming confetti! πŸ˜€


    James Hall

    Oh yeah Aidan wanted me to mention.

    When a car is destroyed, and rolls that magical “fuel tank explodes” result. Can there be a rule regarding the vehicle getting additional dice to that roll due to carrying weapons and upgrades like;

    Boxes of grenades
    Flamer fuel
    Exploding ram

    because hey, that’s a lot of explosives that just lay inert considering what’s happened to the vehicle πŸ˜‰


    Gaslands Overlord

    Ha! I love that idea.


    James Hall

    So we had a game on my birthday πŸ˜‰ two new players, myself and aidan, for a 4-way free-for-all. 1 car each, so it was quite a quick game. I’ll admit, I cocked up on explaining the rules (missed the evade rule, which is kinda important…) But overall, good fun πŸ™‚



    I was manning Brum (naturally) while new comers Mitch and Michelle used the White Limozeen and Spooky Skull respectively. Aidan was on the work-in-progress barbed wire hunter, so once that’s finished up I’ll have to post some pics in the garage πŸ˜‰




    Had a few calls of “Am I dead yet?” as without the evade checks…yeah rockets and miniguns do a good heaped handful of damage. That said, with those evade rolls I reckon it would have lasted a few more turns. Brum especially was annoyed he only got to ram 1 vehicle into oblivion… πŸ˜‰


    Oh and Mitch found a little funny thing you can do with vehicles with the rivets drilled out. maybe some kind of reverse car / submersible is on the horizon? πŸ˜‰


    Gaslands Overlord

    James! So sad that all your photobucket images aren’t available any more, these were so great.

    Any chance of getting them back?

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