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    Gaslands Overlord

    Here is a link to the current official Gaslands FAQ document:

    Gaslands FAQ

    It will also be available in the Downloads section.

    Feel free to ask questions in the “Rules Questions” forum or on this thread, and I’ll add things to the FAQ as needed.




    Downloaded the FAQ and noticed a couple of small things. Under Movement you have the LONG STRAIGHT template as 3.5cm wide. The printed templates and the plastic ones I bought from you are 3cm wide. In the question you’ve missed the d off the end of the word supposed.

    Also under activations Question 2 should read:

    Can I activate my vehicles in any order I choose?

    You’ve missed an I and added a the.

    Under Wrecks the last line has the word volatile misspelt.

    Under Wipe Out first paragraph line 4 I think should say my rather than your.

    Under Vehicles and Weapons para 5 should say spend not spent.

    Trivia I know, and if this is the wrong place to put this I apologise.

    We loved the game on first play at the weekend btw 🙂


    David Fitzer

    It may be in the rulebook and I’ve just not noticed it. But, do dropped weapons (i.e mines and oil slicks) remain in play? Or are they removed at the end of gear 6?


    Gaslands Overlord

    Thanks both, that’s all been corrected and updated now!

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