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    Ok lads and lasses, I’ve been bitten by the Gaslands bug, and like most of us have very fond memories of the early 80’s playing copious amounts of Car Wars and ‘dreaming big’.

    Well now we have this thriving online community full of inspirational builds, so why the hell not?

    While I wait for my hardcopy rules, I thought I’d dredge some cars from the kid’s toybox and have a crack.

    I’ve given away all my GW stuff, so I’ve resorted to lego and the odd bit lying at the bottom of my miniatures tool drawer to make these builds.

    The blue van in particular is inspired from what my brother and I affectionately named the ‘Blue Hoo Van’ from the original Car Wars counter set.

    Gaslands Overlord

    Welcome! That photo link is private unfortunately.



    Oh poo. Hmmmm. I’ll host the pics publically and then see if I can link up.
    First Steps



    Sweet! These are really nice man. Like the bright colours. Far too many gloomy rust buckets out there already.

    Like the muscle car and blue van especially – the blue/red elements on the weapons blend them into the vehicles nicely 😀


    Dan Turner

    Love the worn effect you get on the colours really nice look. Played my first @proper” game on Monday great laugh. Got a few of my buddies making gangs as I type this



    Those are brilliant! Nice jobs.

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