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    Carl Stockenberg

    Rules state that a car may declare to use a nitro booster in the start of any turn and can only use long straight during the first move.

    It does not clearly state that it over-rules the “selecting a maneuver template” rule on p.10.

    So if car in gear 1 use the nitro, does it go long straight or does the opponent get to pick a legal template?

    I think I know the answer to this already, but just wanted to clarify because it could be designed to limit the use for nitro on the first turn of a race and limit the use of nitro to only faster vehicles (those that can go gear 5 & 6).



    the first Nitro activation is a long straight move regardless of your gear.



    the rules state: During its first activation, this vehicle
    must only select the long straight template as its maneuver…”

    (emphasis mine)

    No limitation on gear is given or indicated in the rules so my reading of this is that the Nitro can be used in any gear on any activation

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