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    Diego Civetta

    Hey all!, new to the Forum and new to the game. Been gaming for far too long…28mm wargames. Have to say have been bitten by the Gaslands bug. Love the game and the modelling possibilities.

    Here are some pics of the first three cars. I still need to put some putty and file away details. Off course prime and paint, looking at adding crew and drivers…

    Team PIc

    Performance Car A

    Performance Car B

    Pick Up

    Buggy A

    Buggy B




    Rebel Wulf

    Man, everyone puts my nonsense to shame!


    Diego Civetta

    Thanks Man! got to keep on converting and modelling.


    Diego Civetta

    Bought some Bikes and bikes with side cars…for my bike support for my teams.

    Bikes 1

    Bikes 2

    BIkes 3

    Have to do some conversions and should have minis enough for adding crew to some vehicles and making the bikes.


    Stacy Young

    Nice! What bikes are those?


    Diego Civetta

    Stacy this is the box for the Bikes.




    Those bikes are great BTW, loads of fun to convert:


    Diego Civetta

    Yeeeeeees they are! I am going to be making 4 bikes none with side cars. I plan on using the Side cars for a prison van for a Warden Cadelia Team.

    Here is an update on the team so far, slowly gaining ground.

    Here are some pics from the putty and last conversions before the prime color spray.

    The preformance car will be matt black with some green yellow flames on hood sides and roof.

    The Pick Up Truck, newly dubbed “The Locomotive” will be orange with graffity on the sides and a Panda with a Heart logo on the fron RAM. I also have to add caltrop droppers on the sides (tried them out and they work wonderfully)

    The Buggy will be either a dark red or a Turquoise, not sure yet.

    Here is a pic of the Decal sheet I made for my cars.


    Decals 2

    Decals 3

    Decals 4


    Loco 1

    Loco 2

    Loco 3

    Loco 4

    Loco 5

    Loco 6

    Perf 1

    Perf 2

    Perf 3

    Buggy 1

    Buggy 2

    Buggy 3

    Buggy 4

    Buggy 5

    Buggy 6

    Buggy 7

    We also had out first game, 4 teams – 12 cars one Death Race. But we made the mistake of palying ina 6 x 4 table…too long and we never got to finish the race after 5 hours of game play hahahaha.

    Enjoy hope to hear some feedback!


    Diego Civetta

    Finished the Team:

    Team 1

    Team 2

    Team 3

    Team 4

    Team 5

    Team 7

    Team 9

    Team 6

    Team 8

    Team 10

    Team 11

    Ande then….. Made the Gear Phase marker, the Gates for the death race mission and the start line light

    img 2

    IMG 5

    Img 6

    Img 3


    simon max hill

    Whoa – the Gear Marker and Gates are fantastic. What’re the bits you used? I wanna steal for my game.



    Love the guy on hanging on the side of the car. Where did the barbed wire come from is it DIY or purchased? If purchased could you provide source? Is that Testor decal paper/make your own?

    Nice work!

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