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    He gang, I don’t know if this has been posted before…
    Is there a search function for the forums Mike?

    Anyways, its by JC Augustus and was originally intended for ‘upscaling’ Car Wars. But it works great for Gaslands. Full of great inspiration, using nothing but toothpicks, old bits of sprue and cardstock.

    Car Modification Manual on a Budget



    Dude, this is such a great find!

    There are some pretty great little ideas in here (Although I did laugh at page 49, with the landmines that look more like doughnuts).

    Plus, the art direction of all the cars in the book is super DeathRace2000!
    Love it, thanks for sharing/inspiring.

    Kind of got me inspired to make my own Oil/Glue/Caltrop/Mines templates.

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