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    This weekend I started on my terrain collection for Gaslands.
    The goal is to make a Mad Max-inspired desert post-apocalyptic wasteland.
    I’ll be building a generic set of desert terrain features and a set of Mad Maxian shanties and things like car wrecks, jury rigged nodding donkeys/oil wells and surrounding crude oil/tar pools and things like scrapyard turrets and totem poles.

    I started on the generic desert features, namely a trio of sand dunes and a pair of rocky outcroppings/hills.
    First I cut the bases and the XPS foam bodies for the terrain items:
    The bases and rough shapes

    After that I countoured the sand dunes with my handheld foam cutter:
    Looking more dune-shaped...
    These were then given a sanding to smooth them out more (no pics as electronics and XPS dust are a bad combo…).
    Hopefully next weekend I can put filler and sand on the dunes and start carving the rocky hills. Next up after that will be some patches of rough ground, rock pillars and loose rocks.


    Gaslands Overlord

    Nice start! What do you tend to use to undercoat XPS? PVA mixed with acrylic paint?



    These will be getting a layer of filler and sand first, which means I can safely undercoat with spray paint. For “bare” XPS I usually undercoat with a layer of slightly thinned PVA followed with a layer or two of PVA mixed with acrylic paint, yes. I find it makes the foam resistant to all but the roughest of handling.



    No progress on the dunes yet, mucking with filler is reserved for the weekend. But as I needed something to keep my mind and hands occupied as I recovered from an unexpected migraine attack, I decided to test the technique I plan to use for the rocky outcroppings/hills. So I made a pair of small(ish) rock formations:


    My usual foamed pvc base, one or more layers of roughly shaped XPS (with a combination of Thermocut and good old breakaway knife, this new machine makes everything foam related more fast and more fun, I love it!). Then I slashed the heck out of them to create the striations in the rock. This technique is an adapation/combination of the way Rob Hawkins and JimBibbly make the rock faces for several of their awesome terrain pieces. If ya gotta steal, steal from the best, I say.. 😉

    They’re based with several grades of cork, grit and sand (which reminded me I need to visit a model train store soon, my basing stock is running dangerously low!). Tomorrow I hope to base them with a mix of PVA and paint And hopefully I can paint them during the weekend, alongside fillering and sanding the dunes.

    If this technique gives satisfactory results, it’s on to the rocky dunes!



    Well, today has been a productive day, the morning was spent painting the dunes and rock pillars:

    After the sealant coats with thinned PVA (mixed with paint) I painted the basecoat with a paint gun (as in: the big thing that came with the compressor, not an airbrush…). Which, after some double sided tape/hot glue to fix the terrain pieces in place, worked acceptably.
    Drybrushing followed after that. While the dunes ended up a bit darker than planned, I’m pleased with the result. The rock technique has been declared a succes, so I proceeded to start on one of the larger hills:

    Hopefully I can make some more progress on it tomorrow.


    Gaslands Overlord

    That rock pile is seriously nice.

    I wish I was better at manipulating blue foam. I don’t have a wire cutter and I’m never that pleased with the knife cut shapes I make.

    How are you planning to use the dunes in game, allowing people to drive up them as treacherous terrain or having them as obstacles?



    In that case, and if you have some blue foam lying around, I’d give these rocks a try. All you really need to do is cut some rough rock shapes and then slash the hell out them…
    I got my inspiration from these two blogs:

  • For the dunes I’m considering using them as treacherous terrain and/or ramps. 🙂
    The dunes have a clearly defined peak and a fair bit of height and incline to them, so that should work. Plus our group is fairly lead-footed and would love the idea of “death from above” style ramming attacks!



A little bit of progress today:
First time experimenting with crackle gel and with airbrush primer. So far so good…



A bit more progress on the rocky hills:

Filler, sand and rocks in place:

And the combined sealant and base coat (two layers of a slightly thinned PVA and black paint mix):

Sadly that is as far as I got this weekend, due to me discovering I’m almost out of the paint I used for these hills halfway through basecoating. It’s an old pot of craft paint, that I’m not even sure is still sold locally. So I may need to find a replacement, wish me luck!

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