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    Loving your models Stuart! I particularly like your method with the white undercoat and layered weathering. How did you find the weathering powders? I’m keen to start adding extra details on mine, but I have no idea on how to go about using the powders. I’ve watched a few how-to’s on youtube but I like the way you do things!

    Any progress on the WarRig?


    Stuart Kelly

    Hi Nathan,

    Thanks for your feedback, it was very kind considering my mediocre skills and lack of attention to detail. White basecoat sounds counter intuitive for something made entirely of dirty metal but it does work well in my experience, you just have a boring stage of filling in black bits underneath and on wheels.

    The weathering powders are flipping marvelous and I can’t recommend them enough for post apoc vehicles. I didn’t bother with any tutorials and the instructions were in Japanese but I would say it goes roughly like this for the powdery parts (mud/soot bits are a different material but they come in the same compact).

    1. Rough up the surface of the powder with your brush, it’s quite solid to begin with and you need to give it a blood good brushing before anything will happen.

    2. Try and “pick up” as much of the powder as I can on the brush then attempt to apply to the crevices

    3. Fail miserably because the powder doesn’t stick that cleverly, proceed to just dry brush the car with it as though it were paint, you can’t go that far wrong and it gives a sort of lazy highlight.

    For the mud/soot portions which are a bit more sticky, use the sponge end of the brush.

    1. Dip the sponge in water

    2. Dab the sponge on the mud bit

    3. Slap it on your vehicle, it dries a bit paler than it looks wet.

    Few bits of advice. The included brushes are crap, usable, but ultimately very poor. Get some makeup brushes from a pound shop if you are feeling flush. The level of weathering can easily become too much if you aren’t careful. Usually a wet brush or sponge will take it off again if you are careful, you can also do nice little streaks and things using this method if you are careful. If you want the weathering to stay exactly as you put it on you need to seal it with a matt varnish, I personally don’t bother if it rubs off a bit.


    Stuart Kelly

    Oh and no progress on the war rig, I think the one I picked up has too small of a cab so I’m looking for a better base vehicle.


    Dan T

    Love this thread full of Gaslands goodness. Going to to get some more of my gang done over the weekend. Thanks for the inspiration


    Stuart Kelly

    You’re very kind. Frankly if I can do this lot for a few quid and some very limited skills then it really can’t be difficult.



    Yeah dude, these are looking awesome.

    Seems like there’s a bunch of cars in WIP on page one, that then didn’t get final shots, did you abandon them, or are they just not finished yet.

    Love the fact that you basically have a gang of monster trucks. I struggle to get wheels looking good, so I really don’t fancy trying monsters meself!


    Stuart Kelly

    I did finish them and never got round to doing some decent photos. Mike asked me again for a recent blog post and I still failed. I’ll get everything out soon and try to do some nice photos now that I’ve got a better phone.

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