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    Gaslands Overlord

    I got a really interesting question on, so I thought I would share it here:

    I was thinking about starting a club project. I’ll challenging everyone to kitbash themselves a vehicle from a hot wheels car, and then host some games at club nights. I’ll do some road terrain but that way the initial investment for everyone is pretty low. There are about 12 of us so that should be a bit of fun. A few questions to make sure I’m on the right path:

    – What are the usual team sizes? If I split the guys into 3 teams can we all battle royale against one another as the rules are written?
    – When are the rules due out? (so I can give them a modelling deadline)
    – Any tips for setting up a project like this?

    The book is due out in October this year. There are six scenarios in the book, plus a “mini-campaign” inspired by the most recent Mad Max film.

    The scenarios in the book are Death Race (which is our favourite), Monster Truck Smash, Capture The Flag, Saturday Night Live, Arena Of Death and Zombie Bash. All of these are designed to play up to 8 players on the same table.

    We tend to play that starting teams are 50 cans, which gets you 2 to 4 vehicles. You can also spend cans on “perks” to make your team more skilled, but you’ll have to wait for the book to come out for that. If you are planning games with 6-8 players, I would set the team sizes at 25 cans instead, to make sure the games don’t last too long.

    In order to get you started, here’s a sneak peak of the vehicles and weapons list:

    One way you might play it is to allow folks to build a 25 can team and then give them an extra 20 cans each week to grow their teams with. A variation on that is to give people 10 cans per week, but only allow them to buy perks and weapons, and not more vehicles.

    Another option you might choose is to run the club project as a race or championship season and fight for championship points to determine a winner.


    Dugong Lgss

    Thanks for the detailed response to my question at LAF.

    Looking forward to challenging the guys to build and then play.
    Pics to follow, naturally!


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