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    Jindřich Zeman

    I am anticipating the rules impatient! I would like to start working my garage. How many cars am I going to need?
    Thank you.

    Gaslands Overlord

    Welcome Jindřich!

    If you play with the “standard” 50 cans, you are looking at between 2 and 5 vehicles in a team, depending on how tricked out they are.

    Have a look at the price list here to get an idea:

    Of course, you can always play to 70 or 100 cans if you want more toys, I ain’t gonna stop ya!


    Jindřich Zeman

    Thank you! Very nice scale!


    Rebel Wulf

    Has anyone ran with an all biker gang yet?

    What were peoples opinions on it?



    I’ve tried only Bikes and Buggies, and it is fast, but it falls apart very fast. Its hard to justify too many perks on something with so few wounds. I’ve mainly played death races with random lists as opposed to whole seasons, so that’s what I’ve based my views on. there is a chance you can get a bike awayfrom danager and win, but if there are crossovers or short cuts, its pretty easy to send a hunter after them to gun them downm before they win. (Plus I think I manage to lose a few races because I picked some bad templates…)

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