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    Bob Hambleton

    Are Gyros really meant to have zero build slots? I can’t believe anyone would look at Little Nellie and think ‘that looks cool, let’s not allow it in our game’.


    Gaslands Overlord

    Yep. Zero build slots. You better load them up with grenades, Molotovs, oil slick droppers, smoke and jammers!


    Bob Hambleton

    Urgh. I’ve flown a gyro. You really don’t want to be messing with handheld weapons. One fumble and it’ll go back through the thrust prop and turn you into an interesting smear on the tarmac.

    Which would be worth a few audience votes.



    The Gyro-Captain in Mad Max 2 didn’t have trouble dropping snakes on the opposition. Hope they get included as a weapon type.


    Fred Williams

    also if I remember correctly, dropped weapons count as zero slots for the gyrocopter, so mines etc are still legit options.

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