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    Released today is the first major update to the playtest version of Gaslands. These new rules feature a revised movement system, including new templates, and revised skid dice. Movement phases are now based on gears, rather than speed, and you will be using the skid dice to attempt a new “stick shift” action. You will find new weapons and equipment to choose from. You will find new scenarios, including a prototype death race scenario that will likely become central to the campaign system later down the line.

    Gone are the damage cards, in the interest of reducing the number of required components (as the game is indended for paperback publishing format). Tyre points have been removed, as have hand-brake turns: both in the name of elegance. Smash attacks have had their physics model changed, although I’m still not happy!

    I hope you will find the game slicker and more enjoyable. I am very interested to hear what you think does not work well, or is not as fun as it could be.

    Thanks again for getting involved!



    Looking forwards to the read!

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